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Firefield Siege Monoculars: Bring your mission into focus!

Firefield Siege Monoculars: Bring your mission into focus!

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – Whether scanning for game animals during serious hunting, spotting for target shooting or observing wildlife for leisure, Firefield Siege Monoculars are perfect for viewing any target at long range. 

The Firefield Siege 8x32 Monocular (FF12003) and Firefield Siege 10x50 Monocular (FF12004) offer crystal clear viewing and rugged reliability from their advanced, fully multi-coated glass, BAK4 roof prism and rubber-armored bodies. A twist-up eyecup design expands functionality, permitting ease of use for individuals with eyeglasses, while internal focusing allows quick and easy short distance focus. Compact and lightweight, Siege monoculars are easy to carry on outdoor excursions in your pack and by hand.

The Firefield Siege 10x50R Tactical Monocular (FF12004T) offers the same ruggednes as other Siege models, but with a rangefinding reticle for quick distance identification when you don't have time for guessing. No matter your long-distance optical needs, Firefield has you covered with their innovative line of Siege monoculars.